Beams & Timbers

Elegant Beauty to Rustic Charm…We Have It Covered!

* Shown above; Heavy Timber Roof System with Western Douglas Fir Timbers, White Pine T & G Decking

Timber Product Line

At Log Homes of America, we offer a full line of timbers for appearance quality and structural integrity as well as a host of wood products for countless building needs. Home trends are gearing away from conventional design and elevating to the more extraordinary and unique. Integrating more natural elements into the construction of the home has become extremely popular. We strive to provide most any size timber the job calls for in a timely manner. Whether for an accent, timber frame, log or hybrid home structure, we can manufacture a custom craftsman or mountain style home to your specifications.

Species Selection

Every job is different. Choosing the right species for the job is an integral part of the process. Some construction jobs specify accent timbers, while others request a species due to its structural characteristics. Our stock items include Western Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Eastern White Pine. These items meet most common demands. In addition, you may special order other species the job calls for. Cypress, Southern Yellow Pine, Oak and Maple are just a few of the other species available.

Timber Gallery

Surface Options

There are multiple surface details available. The following are all available for both interior and exterior applications.

  • S4S (smooth four sides)
  • S1S2E (smooth 1 side and 2 edges),
  • Rough Sawn
  • Fresh Sawn
  • Hand Hewn in mutiple styles