Always By Our Side

IMAGE_1_16022011115602.jpg“Our dream was a log home in the mountains…..thus our quest began. We purchased property then started the daunting task of looking for a log home manufacturer; finding many out there. Right from the start we knew that we wanted our log home built log by log and not pre-fabricated in a factory. We narrowed our search to log companies in the general area wanting our home to be purchased from a local company then attended a log home show in Charlotte. That is where our relationship began. Our good fortune started when we visited the Log Homes of America booth and met the President of Log Homes of America, Joel Robinson. We attended a log home seminar hosted by their company and all our questions were answered. They, in conjunction with our builder, walked us through the entire process of building our log home. Their ultimate goal was for us to be happy. We also attended their showcase of open houses, learning much more from the finished products. We knew we were in good hands with Log Homes of America.”

Don Abele  (Mint Hill, NC  January 2011)

Love Our Home!

IMAGE_1_13042010100313.jpgLove our House! We live in one of Nicole and Joel’s log homes [built by Logs America, LLC; log package by Log Homes of America], our dream house, you can’t get a better log home. Look for my pictures.

Jim and Linda Gee

USAF Colonel Settles Down

After 26 years of USAF service including frequent moves to different locations around the globe, we retired to our beautiful Log Homes of America custom-built [by Logs America, LLC] log home in 2007. Nicole and Joel Robinson are true professionals and maintain only the highest standards of quality!

Ken Lynn, Colonel, USAF (ret) & Monica Madden-Lynn

Builders Know Best

IMAGE_1_19062009111100.jpgI think Log Homes of America are the best log packages that I have ever used.  We have done several different log company packages in the past, and these are the best we have ever put together.

When you saw into the logs, you can tell whether or not they are dry.  The logs from Log Homes of America were very dry and straight and went together well.  The moisture content of the logs plays a big part of what it will look like in future years.  These logs were consistently uniform, which is a plus.  The management is very good to deal with too.  They make sure everything is there, so not to slow the builder down.  They are very accessible to any need you may  have.  I highly recommend Log Homes of America to anyone considering building their own log home.

Marshall Patrick, General Contractor, Marshall’s Construction , West Jefferson, NC

Bear Creek Best

IMAGE_1_29052009135011.jpgWe are pleased to recommend Bear Creek Log Homes of Mocksville, NC [Independent Representatives for Log Homes of America & custom log home builders]. Bear Creek Log Homes did an outstanding job.  From our initial meeting with Kevin Nunn as we were shopping around to the day we moved in, we are pleased with their performance.  Kevin and his wife Jenny have built a wonderful business with customer service, quality and dedication as their mission and it is apparent.  Kevin is well versed and has spent his professional career building log homes in the mountains and he understands the issues of building in the various terrain.  he and his employees were professional, dedicated and pleasant to work with.  The subcontractors were on time and work performed was beyond expectation.  We always felt that Bear Creek Log homes was fair in pricing with no hidden fees.  We received a good value for the money we spent.  Once our home was complete, Kevin was very prompt in addressing and fixing any minor problems we had.  Thankfully, we had an excellent experience and we consider Kevin and the Bear Creek family our friends.  We are happy to recommend them to others.

Richard and Sara Callari, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Twice Is Nice

IMAGE_1_28052009113544.jpgI have a great offer on my house, but I am not going to take it unless you [Logs America, LLC; past Independent Representative of Log Homes of America] build me another one!

Dr. Bob Keen



Halfway Back and Lovin’ it!

This story began in 2000 while my husband and I were out searching for property to build our retirement home. We looked from Georgia to Tennessee and finally North Carolina. While in North Carolina someone asked us where we were relocating from? We explained that we were originally from the Northeast then moved to Florida. The person said “Oh, that’s makes you both Halfbacks.” We didn’t understand so we commented, huh? He said, you lived up north, went down south, and are coming half way back. We thought that was just great and knew that was exactly what we wanted to be.  Luckily we found just the right piece of property and officially became Halfbacks in May 2003. Now the daunting task began of deciding on the type of house, floor plan and builder. We had always dreamed of having a log home but didn’t know anything about what it would entail. We researched log home plans for several months and narrowed it down to three choices. To make a long story short, one company and especially one builder stood out head over heels above the rest.  We contacted Al Pierce with Asheville Log Homes [Log Homes of America Independent Representative] and inquired about some Log Homes of America log packages. From the very first phone call we had a really good feeling about both companies. We were really impressed with the fact the he visited the property on his own to make sure that it was suitable to build a log home. We still checked out the other two companies but neither of them made us feel they wanted our business. We were only building a small home and they didn’t want to go to the trouble. Al never made us feel that way. As a matter of fact he made us feel like we were building our dream mansion (regardless of size). We would put up his attention to detail to any of those mega mansions we often saw in magazines.  Building commenced in September 2004 while we were still living in Florida. On top of starting to build, Ivy’s terminally ill mother came to live with us. While we were naturally concerned about not being able to be on site during the construction we had full confidence in our builder, to keep us informed. We were in constant contact either by phone or email. We received pictures all the time and that was really helpful. We had heard many horror stories from friends and strangers alike about not being able to reach their builder. However, Al always responded in a timely manner.  I don’t want to make it sound like we never had any issues, we did, but they were quickly addressed and resolved and never became real problems. We did have a little problem with good old mother nature. She decided to send four (4) hurricanes up to our area and for a while our foundation looked like a giant swimming pool. But once that passed the building proceeded along on schedule.  Construction was completed in the summer of 2005 and we were able to spend our first night in our new home. We were all excited but no more than Al who was probably was the most excited because he always wanted to finish in time for Ivy’s Mom to spend time in the house.  It has been three years since completion and we love the house more every day. We continue to get numerous comments about what a lovely home we have. We have even had several companies that do regular maintenance (pest control, landscaping, heat & air conditioning, etc.) for us comments that this is the best built home (log or otherwise) they have ever been in.

Thanks for reading our story. Sincerely, Ken & Ivy Olson


Blue Ridge Log Home Lover

We could not be more pleased with our new log home. We planned and researched our home for several years before building and we were so glad we found Logs America of the Blue Ridge [Log Homes of America Independent Representative].  The service provided by Connie and the Log Homes of America corporate office were exceptional. They worked with us on a custom design and several custom elements such as half log steps and round log columns. The material provided in the package was great and if we needed anything they were quick to provide the additional material or answer any questions.  It has been quite an experience to build our dream home. We would not hesitate to recommend Logs America of the Blue Ridge.

Debbie Jenkins


Welcome Home Again!

My husband and I recently built a log home. My husband had previously built with Log Homes of America [as the log package provider], but we wanted to make sure that we did our research with other companies as well. We investigated several companies and even went to the actual manufacturing plants of other log home companies and we found that when we did all the comparisons and looked at what Log Homes of America could do for us and allow us to make our own designs and accommodate our preferences, staying with them was an easy choice.  We worked with Randy and Emma Williams [Log Homes of America Independent Representatives] who had also just built a log home of their own and had decided to become dealers for LHA. They were absolutely super to work with. They took their jobs as dealers very seriously and were anxious to help us in any way they could. They provided a link between the main supplier and us that proved to be very beneficial and saved us a lot of time and energy. Randy and Emma came to the building site several times and Randy was present when the actual logs were delivered. He wasn’t scared to get a bit dirty unloading the logs, and jumped right in to help. Anytime we had a question, Randy or Emma had the answer or got the answer in short time. We really appreciate the time and effort that Randy and Emma took to see that all our needs were met.  We would recommend LHA [as the log package provider] to anyone who was planning to build a log home. The quality and dependability that we received was outstanding. We know several people interested in building a log home and we have told them how happy we have been with the product and the service we have received through LHA.

Sincerely, Deb and Charlie Straatmann


Happy Anniversary!

It had always been our plan to return to beautiful Vermont, the site of our honeymoon, for our 25th wedding anniversary. Instead, we’ll be spending it looking at the spectacular Blue Ridge mountain range from our own back deck.  On an earlier visit to Asheville, NC, we knew that this was an area that would receive serious consideration come retirement time. Our first official land/house-hunting excursion to the area was mostly focused on traditional homes close to the city. On the way back to DC after this trip and after much discussion we realized that we didn’t want a second traditional home, and so began to talk about log homes as an option.  On our next trip to the Blue Ridge mountain area we began to look at more remote land. The first property we saw was on Gateway Mountain about 25 miles from Asheville – 2500 feet elevation and a long-range view of seven rolling ridges, culminating in the vista of Mt. Mitchell – the highest peak east of the Mississippi. We continued on, looking at 10-15 additional lots in and around the area, but never found one as dramatic as the first one we saw on Gateway Mountain.  After settling on this small piece of heaven, we reviewed and spoke to several different contractors and log home companies. Eventually, we selected Log Homes of America and Al Pierce, Asheville Log Homes, as our contractor [Log Homes of America Independent Representative]. It was a smart decision that felt right from the minute we met with both – a decision we never regretted.  Following a few design sessions, we began construction on a small but comfortable 1624 sq. ft. log home with 3 bedrooms (master loft) and 800 additional sq. ft. of deck and porch space where we spend a great deal of time taking in the view. The 9-month building process included ice storms, bear-sightings and a seasonal drought, but our builder continued throughout to help us modify and improve the initial design – never missing a beat. Being an 8-hour drive from the DC area, our contractor kept us well-informed on an almost daily basis, through over 800 digital photos. These photos allowed us to see all the fine details of the progress in between physical visits to the site.  In May, 2008, we moved into our new log home, and on July 4th hosted our first family gathering with family from across the U.S. Thanks to Al Pierce and Log Homes of America, we are now the proud owners of a home that transports us to another place in time! We’re looking forward to many more anniversaries here.

Chad and Missy Callaghan