Team Members


Charlie Maney, Founder and CEO

Charlie started this company in 1989 after 17 years in the log home industry sales and construction. He knew there was a need for dealers and consumers to be on the same page. Limiting the availability of products and profiles forces the dealer to let his prospect "go down the street" while robbing the consumer of the best available product and building from a local source, a neighbor. Charlie developed a cooperative feel company so that dealers would have more options in the products that they sell while being able to take advantage of larger buying volume organization.

Charlie is now retired yet still continues to be involved with dealer and product development as well as sell a log package or two every year. We all know he won't ever just quit the business in which he has become an "icon" of sorts. His 35+ years of experience in the log home industry has made him a popular "expert" for lectures and seminars nationwide.


Joel Robinson, President

Joel is a retired Master Sergeant of the USAF. His long military experience has given him a dedication to the delivery of the "best". Joel is always striving to be one step better than what most expect. You can find Joel acquiring the raw materials, review final plans and schedule materials and takes to arranging the logistics of the final delivery of a log package. Nearly every item passes through his hands.

Joel visits local job sites either as a Technical Assistance Coordinator for those who are do it yourselfers or for new dealers in other states. Joel is detail oriented and demanding. This does not complete his responsibilities; he is also the designated office clown.


Nicole Robinson, Vice President

Having grown up in the log home business, Nicole knows practically all the facets. Her Dad showed her the ropes at an early age from operating backhoe, framing interior walls, log stacking and detailing the milling operations.

College added to Nicole's repartee with degrees in marketing and management. Ten years of outside sales in 29 state rounds out Nicole's dedication and working knowledge. Charlie and Nicole carefully planned to team up. In 1995, the duo moved ahead to expand the business by adding dealers and improving products, preparing Log Homes of America to grow.


Lisa Harris

Lisa, a native of western North Carolina, is the newest addition to the Log Homes of America team. She is a college graduate from nearby Wilkes Community College with an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration as well as an Associate in General Education. She has superior skills in active listening and customer service to make sure our clients are getting exactly what they want and need. She is an outdoor enthusiast with a keen interest in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. When she is not helping people build their log home dreams, you can find her at the nearby ancient New River or hiking on the countless trails around the High Country that define this beautiful region.


In House Design Team

Our design team has been interpreting log home dreams for more than 25 years.  Whether it is by modifying one of our standard log home plans or starting from scratch with a plan unique to your lifestyle or to fit property constraints, our design team has you covered.  Amy Dobert has been our lead designer for over 20 years.  Her tenure and knowledge of design and structural requirements allows for accuracy in the plans, and logical room layouts that best serve our client’s wants and needs.


The Milling Gang

Casey Miller is our Mill Manager and has 30+ years of experience setting up and running a host of different size material and profiles through our planer quickly and efficiently.  Casey and his crew ensure the best quality materials go into our client’s homes.  His crew has been recognized for several years in a row by our insurance provider for having an impeccable safety record, which we all take great pride in.